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Room Defender Programmable...

€40.95 Price
This programmable room security system stops intruders in their tracks! Learn basic computer programming skills and keep your room safe from intruders.
Programmable room security system with sirens, lights and sound effects
Door alarm with secret access codes, secret knocks and key cards
Record personal greetings and messages for family members and friends
Universal mount attaches to any bedroom door

Code & Go Robot Mouse...

€74.95 Price
Coding game for kids. Build your maze, and then use the coding cards to create a step-by-step path for Colby the Programmable Robot Mouse. Age 5+

Tumbling Robot Kit

€39.95 Price
No matter how many falls and stumbles, the co-bot gets up without any help! how does co-bot maneuver these complex motions? the secret is in its original mechanism. Science guide included.
Suitable for children ages 8 and above. Recommended age from 10

Ozobot Color Markers (4pk)

€9.95 Price
Extra markers for use with Ozobot 2.0, Bit uses optical sensors to read lines and OzoCodes-short color code sequences-that you draw with markers and paper.