2 Person Mega Camping Bundle

Amazing Bundle full of everything you will need to go camping, to a festival or even just to have a fun night in your own back garden.
Bundle worth over €350!
Bundle Includes
1 x 2 Person Tent
2 x Drinking Hats
2 x Sleeping Bags
2 x Insulated Camping Mats
2 x Inflatable Pillows
2 x Camping Chairs
1 x Camping Table
2 x Inflatable Couch
1 x Solar Power Lantern/Torch
1 x Power Bank Charger
2 x Roll Up Blankets
1 x Waterproof Speaker
2 x Drink Holder
1 x 10 Pack Foot/Hand Warmers
* PLEASE NOTE - Colours of items may vary from picture. 
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