Kitchen Pastry Blowtorch with Stand

The Foodies MasterPRO collection brings the most professional products to your kitchen.
The most innovative culinary technology that will allow you to explore your creativity and offer your guests unparalleled dishes with results befitting of the best kitchens. All the products in the Foodies MasterPRO collection have been tested by the Cook&Chef Institute foundation and have been previously audited by our chefs, thus reinforcing food safety in the kitchen.
With this excellent burner you can flambé or caramelise the dishes that you like the most. 
Covering your cakes with a rich and crispy layer of caramelised sugar will be a piece of cake. 
Prepare an exquisite Catalan cream at the height of the most renowned chefs!
This burner has a metal frame and a non-slip plastic coating for easy use. It has a non-slip plastic support so you can rest it on any flat surface. 
Measures approx .: 12 x 6 x 15.5 cm
Capacity approx  20 ml. Gas Not Included