Strip Lights with Remote & Alexa/Google Compatible

Popularised on Tiktok & Instagram. 
DreamLights are high brightness SMD 5050 LED, RGBIC strips, with music sync.
Full colour RGBIC, unlike regular RGB strips, they can have multiple animated colours on the same strip at the same time.
The DreamLights have 3 control methods, a 3 button controller, IR remote and smartphone application. Bring Music to Life with the built-in sensitive microphone, the LED lights dance to the ambient sound. Sync lights to the beat of any song or your voice! 
Multiple Scenes, the led light strip features preset and DIY adjustable animated scenes on the Smart Life app. More than 16 million colours and multiple lighting modes.
Easy Installation, simply stick the strip light on a clean, dry surface and start to use. 
SMD 5050 means the leds are 5.0mm x 5.0mm in size, they have 3 LED diodes in one housing and are a lot brighter than individual 3528 LED chip. RGBIC (Integrated Circuit).
  • Segmented Control
  • Smart Life Application
  • Alexa/Google Assistant
  • Wifi
  • Preset & Custom DIY Scenes
  • Voice Control
  • RGBIC Full Colour (Multiple colours on the same line)
  • SMD5050(LED)
  • 300 LEDS
  • Music & Voice Sync
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Smartphone Application
  • Sticky Double Sided Tape
  • Infrared Remote (Battery included)
  • 10 Meters (1 x 5m strips)
  • Adjustable Animation Speed / Strip Colour Length
  • Speed Control
  • Brightness Control
  • On/off Timer
  • 12V, 4A, UK 3 Pin Adapter
  • V2 - Type-C Controller & Type-C Strip