IP Wireless Alarm Camera Rotatable - White

Easy set up.
You can connect the camera to your wifi wirelessly, or use the ethernet cable to set it up.
Just plug it in, Scan the QR code, download the app and place your Phone/PC computer next to the camera and its done.
Then you can access the camera all the time and it comes with a base to screw on the wall or ceiling, The camera can be mounted upside down (say from a ceiling), and there is a setting to invert the image.
If you don't have enough light on, the camera automatically adjusts to black and white for better detail. It has night vision to 30 feet, The camera has a microphone built into it so you can hear what is going on as well as talk through it, It has two way audio to listen and speak.
It can rotate 360 degrees, Remote control the monitor's movement by swiping fingers on the screen left and up and down Get informed about every movement in your house via E-mail, It will send you an alarm if you have that on, When something is moving in the room it will let you know immediately, it can also set it to take a picture when the motion sensor goes off and it sends it to your email.
It provides good quality video 1.3 megapixels (960p), The video is clear and you can also remotely swivel the camera. You can record onto an SD card or take photos, insert memory card,Device can stock video/picture