Heat Pack Teddy

This luxury, soft, fleece fabric microwave wheat bag is blended with Lavender flowers that create a pleasant, relaxing aroma that will take your worries away and make everything feel better.
These adorable cuddly heat packs are filled with lavender oil infused wheat, that when heated will transport you to a world of comfort and relaxation. Just microwave the cuddly pack and get cozy with this tummy heat source that will give you a warm and cosy cuddle. The Lavender scented wheat will soothe and relax you.
This Lavender Heat Pack Animal is not only cute to look at, but it’s recommended by therapists for aiding with pain relief. The emanating heat, combined with the lavender aroma, will help soothe and relax any aching muscles or joint pain. Perfect for anyone of any age, this adorable big eyed cuddly lavender heat pack animal is a must have product for anyone and everyone who regularly suffers from headaches, stress, and muscle pain, stomach cramps etc. 
The Big Eyed heat Pack Animal is easy to use. To get it to the right temperature, place it in your microwave for 1 minute (500-750 Watts), or 45 seconds if your microwave’s power is stronger (750-1000 Watts) – all heating times are based on a microwave with a turntable