Our company

Welcome to our site!

We are 100% an Irish Company selling to the whole of Ireland.

We are located IN Ireland, unlike a lot of companies which make this claim.

We supply tech, consoles, games, gadgets, cameras, phones and associated accessories and gear, we also sell tech for kids, especially used for early learning, development and fun stuff to encourage all ages in all stages of development.

We want to be responsible and only sell safe toys, i.e. no drones without safety guards, and to use common sense in what we sell, no cheap substandard products like you find on other sites. Why? Because we have been there with the disappointment of receiving substandard products which break straight away. 

We set up Siopashop to provide a service, to allow you to order tech and gadgets, and not have to wait 5 days for delivery.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide next day delivery that is actually next day, not 2 day delivery after we actually decide to ship it from a warehouse in another country. 

Thank you for visiting us and we hope you will join the Siopashop family and become a Siopashopper. 

For any products that are out of stock, please feel free to send us an email as we may be able to get it in for you quicker than you may think   :-)