84" 4:3 Pull Down Projector Screen

- Speed-reducing mechanism controls retraction to enhance safety and reduce wear and tear on screen
- locking system ensures ease of setup and accurate screen sizing
- High-quality fiberglass and aluminum alloy materials ensure maximum durability
- Surface is washable and easy to maintain
- Manual pull-down screen
- Optoma offer a wide selection of quality front projection screens suitable for any situation, from small meeting to     large conference rooms and great for home cinema applications.

- All Optoma screens are built to a high standard and are rigorously checked and tested throughout the production   process to ensure the highest possible build quality and finish.

- Optoma’s unrivaled understanding of both the market place and emerging technologies has allowed us to utilize     our expertise to further expand our product offering to cater for every requirement, whilst still delivering great value.

- PMG+ projection screens are popular because they are inexpensive and easy to operate. Optoma Manual Screens   offer Selflock and Controlled Screen Return.
Pull down the screen and hold for 3 seconds, then release. The screen will stay at the desired position.
Controlled Screen Return:
Instead of just retracting back into the case and possibly causing damage if you’re not careful, Optoma’s PMG+ Manual Screens feature Speed Reduction-Retraction. Simply pull down lightly to release the locking mechanism, let go and the screen will slowly return to the casing.