Foot Detox Patches - 10 Pack

Use ancient Japanese traditions to your advantage. Remove environmental toxins from your body and embrace the healing power of nature.
  • A Secret to Health & Happiness
    Tired? Stressed? Fatigued? You are not alone - our lifestyles are extremely taxing on our bodies and minds alike. Headaches, bad sleep and depression are the unfortunate hallmarks of fast-moving modern life. Active ingredients that are found in the Nuubu foot patch are known for their ability to remove accumulating toxins from your body, which greatly improves your bodily & mental health.
  • Traditional Medicine gets Modern Upgrade
    According to Japanese medical knowledge, human body has over 360 acupuncture points, with more than 60 points found on the soles of the foot. Nuubu combines tried-and-true Asian medicinal techniques with a sleek and modern approach - attach the herbal-remedy based patches to your feet and wait a few hours for the toxin removal. It has never been that easy!
  • All-Natural Approach
    Are you tired of hazardous man-made chemicals being used in every aspect of your life? There is a better way to harmonise your lifestyle! Nuubu foot patches are made from completely natural and eco-friendly herbs picked in the remote East-Asian mountainsides. Forget the harmful toxicity and side effects!