Complete Mega Treat Bundle

The complete basket set for Halloween!
Includes over 160* mini individually wrapped sweets and chocolates and 1 spider basket all ready to hand out sweets this Halloween!
Just leave a bowl outside your door for any little trick or treaters that might come your way expecting a little treat.
Comes in a choice of 4 colour spider baskets - Black, Green, Orange and Purple.
Contents Include
2 x Spider Basket (colour of your choice)
2 x Bag of 25 mini's (Bounty, Snickers, Milky Way, Mars and Twix)
2 x 10 Pack Candy Poles 
2 x Bag Mini Snickers
2 x Bag milk Chocolate Pumpkins
2 x Bag milk Chocolate Halloween Figures
(*Quantities may vary in snickers mini bag and mini milk chocolate bags.)