Projector Colour Change Alarm Clock

Alarm clock that incorporates 3 LED lights in the base that change colour. In addition to the digital clock, this novel alarm clock has a projector that will allow you to project the time on the ceiling so that you can see it well. 
With the LED alarm clock with projector you can give a touch of colour to your room. This way you will wake up in a more pleasant way and wanting to start a new day.
The LED alarm clock with projector measures 10 cm and is battery powered (3 x AAA not included),
The time projection feature may remind you of the signal that is projected into the sky to call some superheroes, so you will wake up every morning eagerly thinking that the world needs your help. 
If you want to include your friends in the gang of superheroes, you can buy the LED alarm clock and give each one to each of them too so they can join in the fun.

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