Yawn Air Inflatable Bed - Double

Your friends and family don't need to put up with cushions on the floor or your old pull our sofa bed anymore with the YAWN Air Bed!
The luxury, self-inflating airbed features a 2-in-1 built-in motor that can inflate and deflate the bed in just five minutes, taking all the hard work out of setting up a bed for the night.
Inside the YAWN Air Bed 40 pillars of air cradle and support your body throughout the night. These pillars are independently structured and this incredible design means when one person rolls over on one side, it won't disturb the other's sleep.
YAWN Air Bed even features a built-in headboard for a luxurious and premium finish. Not only does it look great, it stops the age-old problem of pillows falling off your airbed in the night.
The raised rim of YAWN Air Bed ensures a comfortable and safe night's sleep as you won't roll out if you move too close to the edge of the bed in your sleep and the raised 45cm height of the mattress makes it easy for anyone, including seniors and children, to get in and out of the bed.
Not only is YAWN Air Bed ideal for holiday guests staying over and children's sleepovers, with the BONUS YAWN Air Carry Bag you could even take it when you visit friends to ensure you get a great night's sleep!