Yoto Music Card - New Orchestral Hits 4 Kids

by Yoto
Open young ears to the wonderful sounds of the orchestra with these whimsical, imaginative songs about friendships, forests, wet socks, dancing, space, a robot, a birthday, and a beautiful narrative about a girl on the moon.
Catchy contemporary music for children performed by an orchestra is a rarity.
New Orchestral Hits For Kids aims to open ears, new and old, to the wonderful sounds of the orchestra.
These gorgeous new songs were written, arranged and performed by two highly accomplished musicians, Mr. E. aka Erik Johannessen of Jaga Jazzist fame, and Me aka Martin Hagfors, an acclaimed songwriter, artist and lyricist.
This recording by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra is conducted by Anders Eljas of Chess and ABBA fame and by the eloquent Ingar Bergby.
  1. Sleep Like a Rock
  2. What's the Number on Your Door?
  3. Wet Socks
  4. Long, Long
  5. A Major Birthday
  6. The Story of the Girl on the Moon
  7. Planet of the Rats
  8. The P Dance
  9. Mistake #9
  10. Robot XP3
  11. The Woods at Night
  12. Lonesome Bird
Running Time - 38mins
Age Range - 0 - 8yrs
Language - English