Yoto Story Card - Gulliver's Travels

by Yoto
A child-friendly retelling of one of the great works of satire that will help kids think about how similar we all are despite surface differences.  
Lemuel Gulliver sets out on a series of travels, but each time he finds himself shipwrecked in new and unfamiliar lands. And how unfamiliar… In Lilliput, everyone is tiny, and it takes thousands of them to capture him; in Brodingnag, they’re huge and treat him as a sort of living toy; in Laputa, they live on a floating island inventing impossibly mad projects; and the Houyhnhnms are horses! But through all his adventures, Gulliver learns to see humans in a different way, too. One of the world’s great works of fiction, Gulliver’s Travels keeps all its humour and satire in this new retelling.
This is an abridged version of the story.
Running Time - 2 hours 19 mins
Age Range - 5 - 12+yrs
Language - English