Automatic Watering Globes - 2 Pack

For all those people out there who didn't inherit green fingers, these are a godsend.
These automatic watering globes (pack of 2) are the perfect solution for watering plants easily and effortlessly!
Beautifully handcrafted modern and creative design.
This original and decorative watering system captures oxygen released by the soil inside the pot and releases the same amount of water, to keep plants well-hydrated.
Simply fill the globes with water and insert them into the soil of the plant pot by pressing down hard. The globes drip water into the plant little by little for several days.
Ideal for watering plants when on holiday, etc.
Includes 2 glass watering globes
Handcrafted Modern and creative design
Approx capacity of each globe: 350 ml
The water in each globe lasts for approx 10 days
Approx height: 29 cm (approx diameter of the sphere: 9 cm)
Suitable for all types of indoor and outdoor plants.