Automatic Watering Globes - Various Colours

For all of us who weren't lucky enough to inherit green fingers, these are a godsend.
This original watering system captures oxygen released by the soil inside the pot and releases the same amount of water, to keep plants well-hydrated.
Simply fill the globes with water and insert them into the soil of the plant pot by pressing down hard. The globes drip water into the plant little by little for several days. 
Struggle to remember to water your plants? Over water or under water them? Leaving the house for long periods of time?
Maybe you just plain old can't be bothered sometimes, then these beauties are for you.
These Automatic watering globes are the perfect solution for any home with plants. Just fill them up and that's it, your plants will have a slow constant feed of water for whenever it needs it.
Ideal for watering plants when on holiday, etc.