12" Aluminium Vinyl Storage Case with Unique Folding Front Flap

Records can be easily damaged and the covers bend quickly, the corners get worn out when not maintained properly.
This attractive aluminium housing solves these problems so you can enjoy your cherished vinyl collection forever!
Strong clips and a carry handle make it safe and easy to carry. House party? Hanging out? Take your favourite vinyl with you. In addition, this case features a folding front flap that allows you to quickly find the desired LP without bending the lid.  Fantastic!
40 of your favourite albums can be included in this sturdy case. It is lightweight and looks great.
A must for all serious vinyl lovers, especially as a case with a folding front flap is hard to find, patented design makes browsing your vinyl easier than ever.
Fully lined interior for a luxurious feel.
Sturdy carry handle, hinged lid and reinforced corners.