Buzz Patch - Adult Sized Mosquito Repellent Patches

You asked - we listened. Introducing mosquito repellent stickers specifically for adults.
BuzzPatch offers a natural, safe solution for those who are tired of the discomfort from mosquito bites.
With its specially blended essential oils, say goodbye to swollen, itchy skin and hello to worry-free outdoor adventure.
Helps keep bugs like mosquitoes, midges, sand flies, and flies away. Full protection lasts for 12 hours and wears off over a 24-72 hour period from opening.
Mosquitos find us humans by sensing the CO2 being emitted. Buzzpatch scent creates a virtual shield, almost camouflaging your body from mosquitos.
Pack of 40 adult sized neutral colours BuzzPatch mosquito repellent stickers.
Citronella essential oils, adhesive patches made from medical grade tape.