Candyfloss Machine - Various Colours

A machine for fun at home making candy floss easily in a few minutes by following the included instructions step by step.
Pink Candyfloss Machine
This pink candyfloss machine has a 400W motor and thanks to its compact design, it takes up little space and can be completely disassembled for easy cleaning. 
It includes 10 bamboo sticks and a measuring spoon. It has a transparent top cover to make it easier to see how the cotton candy is being made. 
Ideal for children and adults to enjoy with family and friends. Children should be supervised whilst using this product as it gets very hot.
Use this sweet and appetising experience at parties, birthdays, special events, etc or just at home.
Cable length - 110cm
Measures approximately 27 x 18 x 27cm
Instructions included in the box as well as a UK plug adapter.
Red Candyfloss Machine
This is a cotton candy machine with a powerful 500W motor, capable of quickly producing a large quantity of cotton candy.
The motor has 2 quartz heating elements that add to the durability and strength of the machine, even if it is used extensively. The motor sits on a lightweight aluminium base, which does not heat up when in operation, and stands out for its bright metallic red colour, which is very eye-catching.
It can be used in any space, professional or domestic. This professional candyfloss machine has a large bowl and is made of heat-resistant reinforced plastic.
Its diameter is 27.5 cm; a size that will allow you to make large clouds of candyfloss, up to 8 cm thick. In addition, its edge is non-stick to prevent the sugar from sticking once the process has been completed and the cotton wool has started to be produced. This way, despite the heat of the motor and the base, no debris will stick to the bowl, making it very easy to clean.
The base of this cotton candy machine has non-slip feet, which will not move out of place even when the motor is running. There is an electrical connection cable on the side of the machine, which includes a cable protector. Thanks to this, the cable will withstand prolonged use and will have a long service life.
The operation of this children's candyfloss machine is very simple; just press the power switch located at the base of the front of the device. The device also includes a measuring spoon, which is used to scoop the sugar into the candyfloss machine. This indicates the amount that should be used to create two medium-sized servings of cotton candy.
It is important to note that, although this is a home-made machine, it is not recommended for use by children without adult supervision; this is because its core heats up and rotates, and could cause accidents if handled improperly. 
Pink Candyfloss Cart
This cute little candyfloss machine is shaped to look like an old style cart to give it that extra special feel of a treat. 
Children must be supervised at all times whilst using this product as it gets very hot.