Card Case 160 Pocket Space

4-Pocket Binder.
High quality scrapbook contains 20 hard bound pages, each page has 4 pockets front and back of standard size of 6.9 cm x 9.1 cm (2 3/5 inches x 3 3/5 inches) or less.
Practical and durable: high-quality PP material, waterproof, dustproof and twist-proof, very strong and not easy to break, cards are easy to insert
The folder holds 160 single cards with side slot (side load), it has an elastic band for secure closure - the side slot of the cards in the individual pockets prevents them from falling out.
Long durability, acid & PVC free.
Ideal for collecting cards: all standard size playing cards such as Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, sports cards and others. 
Can also be used to store Yoto cards to keep them safe and so your young ones can see their cards.
Note: the product does not contain any cards