Crime Scene Forensics Team Activity Kit

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Take a step closer to solving that infamous case with the Crime Scene Forensics Set.
The scene of a crime’s often full of clues for you to find out whodunnit. This fantastic playset gives you the tools to catch the culprit and bring them to justice.
Mark out the area with chalk and put up the barrier to stop people from interfering. Then make casts from imprints with the impression clay and scan the scene for any fingerprints.
Finally bag up the evidence, and take it back to the lab for analysis. Don’t let the bad guys get away with it!
Ideal for budding Sherlocks aged five years and up.
  • Impression clay
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Evidence bag
  • 1 x chalk
  • 2 x impressions
  • Crime scene card
  • Finger print info sheet
  • Finger print sheet
  • Witness statements
  • Detective statements
  • Crime scene tape
  • Large evidence bag
  • 5 crime scene markers
  • 2 x evidence rulers
  • Instructions