Drew&Cole Soup Chef Select

Enjoy easy, healthy soups and broths with the Drew & Cole Soup Maker.
Take control and boost your nutritional intake - the Drew&Cole Soup Maker is your easy-to-use solution for both smooth and chunky soups; ready in no time!
Choose your favourite fresh ingredients and add to your Soup Maker with some stock, then select either the Smooth or Chunky setting for up to 5 freshly made, home-cooked bowls of cosy, warming, nutritious soup at the touch of a button. It really is that easy!
  • Depth: 169.2 MM
  • Height: 315 MM
  • Width: 315 MM
  • Capacity - Litres: 1.6
  • Fresh soup in just 19 minutes, with no standing over the hob.
  • Simply chop your ingredients into bite-sized chunks, drop them into your Soup Maker and select either Smooth or Chunky and walk away.
  • The secret to Soup Maker's super-smooth delicious soup is it alternates cooking and blending in one machine.
  • It cooks your ingredients at a high heat which unlock those flavours and starts the process towards amazing consistency with the texture you want.
  • The Wave Blade blends at specific, pre-programmed times throughout the cooking cycle, to break down the ingredients allowing the flavours to infuse.
  • The large 1.6L capacity of Soup Maker cooks up to five delicious bowls of soup in just minutes!
  • 5 Functions – Smooth, Chunky, Memory Function, Smooth+, Auto Clean
  • Auto Clean Function - Simply add a drop of detergent to some water in your Soup Maker and the auto clean function will do the rest.