Drew&Cole Soup Chef Pro


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Enjoy a delicious bowl of hot, fresh, delicious nutrition with Soup Chef Pro by Drew&Cole.
You know Soup Chef as the fastest soup maker of its size in the UK and the soup maker with the most premium features for the price. Now Soup Chef Pro includes a sleek and stylish double wall construction to help keep your soup hot and a delay timer so you can enjoy your soup when you want it. The best part is you still get to enjoy delicious soup in just 19 minutes.
Essential Features
  • Cook less, eat more: A standard tin of shop bought soup is 400g (2 small servings), but in the Soup Chef Pro you can make 1500g (5 large servings) of fresh, nutritious healthy soup, just the way you like it, all in one go. Feed the whole family or batch cook lunch/dinners for the week!
  • Hot and ready from scratch in as little as 19 minutes.
  • Energy-conscious cooking and cleaning: Soup Chef Pro does everything in one pot (sautés, cooks, blends, self-cleans), so you don’t have to use the hob, a blender, and then lots of water / dishwasher space to clean all the pots/pans/blades. Save time and money with the cooking, and then with the cleaning. This clever machine does all the hard work for you with the press of a button.
  • Waste less and save money: Rather than throwing away leftovers, use them to create tasty soups and save money. You can find cheaper wonky vegetables in most supermarkets too, absolutely perfect for a warming soup.
  • Smooth function: Enjoy hot soup in just 19 minutes with the Soup Chef Pro’s Smooth function.
  • Chunky function: Hot and hearty chunky soups are ready in just 25 minutes with Soup Chef Pro. Simply add your ingredients and in 25 minutes you can enjoy a traditional Chunky Vegetable soup or try something new like a Vietnamese Pho!
Premium Features
  • Sauté function: At the touch of a button the non-stick plate at the bottom of Soup Chef Pro will heat up so you can sauté your ingredients to help you create soups that are packed with flavour.
  • Premium non-stick coating: Maximum flavour, minimum hassle! No scrubbing, no scraping, Soup Chef Pro’s non-stick base is a dream to clean.
  • Two Hour Keep Warm function: Soup Chef Pro’s Keep Warm function keeps your soup piping hot and ready to enjoy, while preventing burning, for up to two hours so it’s ready when you are.
  • Memory function: If you want to season, taste, or even add more ingredients during a cooking cycle, simply lift the lid off and when you replace it Soup Chef Pro remembers where you’ve left off and continues cooking! Some other soup makers reset if you lift the lid!
  • Smooth+: With each press of the Smooth+ function you’ll pulse blend to make your soup the perfect consistency for you and your family! Smooth+ is also great for chilled soups, cold drinks or even nut milks!
  • Auto Clean in just 3 minutes: Simply add a drop of detergent to some water in your Soup Chef Pro and the auto clean function will do the rest.
  • Large 1.6L capacity: Perfect for families, meal prep or batch cooking, Soup Chef Pro cooks up to five delicious bowls of soup in just minutes! It’s ideal for mums and dads trying to sneak extra veg into their children or busy professionals looking to cook once and eat five times. You could cook a week of work lunches in less than 20 minutes!
Brand new Pro Features
  • 12 Hour Delay Timer: your soup is ready when you are. Simply set your timer and Soup Chef Pro will start making your nutritious soup at a time that suits you.
  • Double wall construction: not only does this give your Soup Chef Pro a sleek and stylish finish, it helps keep your delicious, home-made soup hot and fresh.
Product Details:
  • 1000 Watts
  • 1.6L, 1500g Capacity - 5 large servings
  • 220-240V