Fast Wireless Charger for both Home and Car

2-in-1 Function: The wireless charger combines the charger and the handset bracket in one unit, So you can put the phone on your car when you drive. At the same time, you can charge through our wireless charger. It is not only for your car, but also for your office or your room.
Faster Wireless Charging:Fast Charge Mode enables wireless charging up to 1.4⨉ faster.
* Note: Remove protective cases to ensure effective charging.
2 Installation Options to Choose from : With an air vent mount and a suction mount.
The 360 ° rotating spherical connector on both mounts has a flexible viewing angle when driving, for better view of your phone.
Adjust the Adjustable Bottom Bracket, make the center of the phone at the wireless charging center. (Samsung Note 8、iPhone X or other large size mobile phone, need to make the bottom bracket fall into the last or the last but one stall)
For use at home can charge via USB cable.
* NOTE No power adaptor supplied
What You Get:
Wireless Car Charger Body, 3ft Micro USB cable, Air Vent Stent , Desktop Stent,User Manual.