Foot/Hand Warmers - 10 Pack

Do your feet or hands get cold?
Whether it's at home or out on a lovely walk, these foot warmers will keep you lovely and toasty warm.
They provide comforting warmth and can be used at any time of need.
Sure why not even stick them in your pockets to keep your hands warm.
  • Material: Nonwovens, Iron powder, Water, Salt, Active Charcoal and Vermiculite
  • Type: Adhesive
  • Ready to use: open and shake
  • Comfortable and simple use: Activation on contact with air
  • Instant comfort heat
  • Long-lasting effect: Up to 10 h
  • Max temperature: 57 ° C
  • Ideal to put on socks or shoes or in your pocket
  • Includes: 10 sachets
  • Measures approx .: 9 x 7 cm