Lexibook Bilingual Laptop - English/French


The perfect laptop to learn while having fun!
These cute educational laptops will please every young child. 
Light and compact, these educational laptops can be easily carried everywhere. Finally, it is the perfect toy to pretend to work on a computer thanks to its realistic shape and sounds!
Thanks to this educational computer, your kid will be able to learn and discover many subjects in both French and English while having fun.
Thanks to the provided mouse, it’s very easy to browse the 124 activities (62 in each language). These activities are divided into 5 themes: Learning words, Mathematics, Music, Knowledge, Logic and Games. In each subject, there are several activities with different difficulty levels. Thus, this laptop is perfect for children from 5 to 8 years old, no matter their educational level! It is also the perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas!
Activities to discover English and French!
These laptops include 16 activities to learn the alphabet, the pronunciations or the construction of the words. They also includes 20 activities to discover Mathematics and numbers. Great activities to help your child to make calculations and solve equations!
Big LCD screen
With a big black and white screen (5.1 x 9.7 cm), discover the multitude of graphic effects!
124 activities
The list of activities is available on the computer screen or in the instruction manual.
A Complete keyboard
The keyboard is as realistic as a real computer's one, all the functionalities are included.
A mouse provided
Use the mouse provided to play games, go back or approve your options.
Time to relax with music and logic games!
These toys include 5 musical activities to learn music notes and initiate your child to the composition of beautiful melodies!
Finally, these laptops also feature 17 games such as puzzle, memory and other memorisation and logic games to develop reflexes and to have fun!