Magnetic Rechargeable Wireless Speakers

A set of 2 magnetic rechargeable wireless speakers ideal for listening to music or answering calls comfortably, thanks to its hands-free function. Both have a built-in microphone for mobile or even conference calls.
They can be used together, separately or independently. Thanks to their magnetic base, they can be attached and used as a single more powerful loudspeaker, or placed in a multitude of positions attached to metal surfaces. 
Its powerful 360º surround stereo sound allows you to create a unique and pleasant environment to enjoy the best music, movies, etc. 
Due to their compact and wireless design, these portable speakers can be easily carried anywhere, both indoors and outdoors (gym, park, office, kitchen, study, living room, etc.)
They allow various playback options, since they have Bluetooth function (5.0) and Aux input. 
They have a range of up to 10m and an autonomy of up to 2h, their impedance is 4 Ω and their sensitivity> 85 dB. 
They include 3.5 mm jack cable and USB to micro USB cable.