Mask Scaffold

Goodbye, foggy glasses and smudged makeup, and say hello to breathing more easily. 
This mask scaffold is worth the hype!
3D silicone frame that holds your mask off your face.
The lightweight silicone frame is non-toxic and comes in contact with a fraction of the surface area that your mask does. As a result, your skin breathes better, especially after any kind of exercise when you're super sweaty, so can also help reduce getting acne.
The best way to visualise how this mask scaffold works is to think of it as a tent. If you have a tent but you don't have the poles, it's flat and there's not much room. The mask is basically the tent, and this scaffold is basically the poles. The tent still protects the space inside, but there's much more space with the scaffold. The frame is soft but rigid enough not to collapse on itself when masks apply pressure to it.
Helps you breathe so much better with the fabric or paper off your face and your glasses no longer fog up when wearing them with a mask, and for all you lovely ladies who wear make up, no more smudged foundation or lip stick.
  • More space for a smoother air flow.
  • Avoids rubbing which causes pimples and irritation.
  • Protects the make-up from the mask.
  • Prevents fogging on the glasses.
  • Allows better articulation and clearer speech.
  • Adapts to the shape of your face. 
  • Non Slip design, has a buckle that can be hung firmly in your mask without worrying about slipping off.
One size fits all
Ages 7 and up