Mini Air Cooler Humidifier Fan


A mini ultrasound air cooler-humidifier with LED which creates cooler and more pleasant surroundings thanks to its modern and versatile multifunction design.
The front grille is adjustable so the air flow can be redirected upwards or downwards. In addition, its ultrasound technology means it is silent and will not disturb.
The tank has a capacity of 200 ml and should be filled with mineral water, you can also add a few drops of essential oils or crushed ice  boosting the cooling effect and perfuming the room like an aroma diffuser.
It features a multicolour LED light (optional use) and enables you to select from 3 speeds (low, medium, high).
The fan and humidifier functions are separate, so they can be activated separately or together, as desired.
This compact, lightweight and portable mini air cooler is convenient and easy to use and to take wherever it is required.
The cable with USB plug enables it to be connected to any USB source, such as a laptop computer, powerbank, etc., and to the mains using an adaptor (not included).