Power Airfryer XL 3.2L - Black

This five-in-one, 3.2 litre capacity Air Fryer uses rapid hot air technology and less oil and fat to cook healthier versions of your favourite fried foods without compromising on flavour. It’s a versatile, clean and odour-free alternative to a deep-fat fryer.
Air-fry, grill, bake, sauté and roast – all in one sleek and compact device. And it couldn’t be easier to use - simply add your food to the non-stick Easy-Load Fry Basket, slide it into the unit, and with the touch of a button, select one of seven pre-programmed cooking functions or manually adjust the timer and temperature settings.
The digital control panel eliminates the guesswork and ensures whatever you’re cooking comes out perfectly delicious time after time.
3.2 Litre Power Air Fryer XL (Available in Black or Red)
Baking Tray
Easy-Load Fry Basket
Easy-Load Basket Divider
Owner’s Manual