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The young bunny Miffy is adventurous and loves learning about the world around her with best friends Grunty and Melanie.
In ten small and big adventures Miffy and her friends learn to cope with difficult situations and discover new things. Many of us will remember Miffy from our own childhoods, and now she is here to be a part of the next generation of little ones too.
Reader: Ciaran Murtagh, Andrew Jones.
01 - Miffy Song
02 - Miffy and the Puddles
03 - Miffy and the Dragon
04 - Miffy and the Bird
05 - Miffy the Farmer
06 - Miffy and the Tennis Match
07 - Miffy the Fairy
08 - Grunty’s Ballet Lesson
09 - Miffy and the Leaves
10 - Miffy’s Camping Adventure
11 - Miffy’s Go-Cart