Privacy Cover for Laptops and Tablets - 3 Pack

This Nedis® webcam cover provides a simple, 100% hack-proof solution to protect your privacy since it works completely mechanical and is not remotely controllable. Given its size, the cover is especially suitable to protect tablet, notebook and smart TV cameras against hackers.
We all protect our devices by regularly changing our passwords, keeping software up to date and by being cautious with which apps to install. Try as we might however, chances are these safety measures will fail one day, with viruses and spyware becoming more and more frequent and aggressive. Have you thought about what would happen if hackers took over your webcam? Imagine if the whole world could access your most private moments... without you even having the faintest idea?
Attach the webcam cover to your camera with its adhesive back. Following, slide the disc to block the camera. You can unblock it just as fast if you want to take selfies or other pictures, which provides you with all the flexibility regular camera stickers don’t offer.
• Universal, suitable for any tablet, laptop or TV camera
• Texturised slider for extra grip
• Extremely small and low-key
• Adhesive back for quick, secure installation
• 3-pack to protect multiple devices