Red Copper 5 Minute Chef

Easy home-cooked meals are a breeze with the chef's 5 minutes Red Copper.
The electric counter top cooker cooks your easy meals up and down simultaneously. Simply place your ingredients in the deep well and close the lid. In a few minutes, your food will be ready to eat.
Cooking with a frying pan is messy. This portable electric cooker allows you to cook easy and fast meals without mess and without fuss.
You do not need a clutter of cookware or an arsenal of cooking techniques for a delicious, nutritious meal. From omelettes to cakes, the 5-minute chef cooks meals in minutes. Inside the kitchen sinks measure 3.5 inches by 8.5 inches. Red Copper 5 Minute Chef has two cooking wells. 
Both cookers have a copper-infused ceramic coating that creates a nonstick, scratch-resistant cooking surface. Your food does not stick and causes scratches on the ceramic coating. Food slides out of the pan. No tearing, no scratching necessary. Cooking with Chef's Red Copper 5 Minute Chef means that little or no oil, butter or fat is needed during cooking, allowing you to cook healthier cooked meals. The ceramic non-stick coating is bonded to aluminum to distribute heat.
Your food cooks evenly and more efficiently, avoiding chits.