Room Defender Programmable Room Security System

Forget hand-written signs saying "NO BOYS ALLOWED!" Kids today can program their own security system to keep intruders out and their friends in.
Room Defender teaches basic computer programming skills as kids record messages, create programs, and warn trespassers (like their little brother or sister) to KEEP OUT!
Programmers grant access to their room by giving their friends and family secret codes and key cards. The universal mount attaches to any bedroom door with double-sided tape (included).
No passcode or key card? Flashing lights let potential intruders know that Room Defender is armed and will set of sirens if the door opens.
Fun and educational
Performance and quality tested
Great fun for children of all ages
Programmable room security system with sirens, lights and sound effects
Door alarm with secret access codes, secret knocks and key cards
Record personal greetings and messages for family members and friends
Universal mount attaches to and bedroom door
Fulfills STEM requirement for Technology
Recommended Age: 10 -15 years