Sol Republic Wireless Noise Cancelling Neckband Headphones - Navy

Shadow Wireless - Sleek and seamless
It's the way a headphone should be, looking as good as you. Shadow features a minimalist design with tasteful accents that blend with any style. Its flexible biomorphic neck band rests comfortably around your neck - so light you'll forget that it's there. With an 8-hour rechargeable battery life, you can wear it and play music all day long.
You'll hear. ..
Low, rich bass and amazing clarity, sounding better than most wired headphones.
Strong, powerful sound with extra low bass. Clear and present vocals with high frequencies so revealing, you may hear subtle details you might not have noticed before in your music.
Featherweight Comfort
The weight of the battery and other electronics are kept away from your sensitive ears and are strategically placed in an ergonomic, ultra light neck band. Surprisingly so comfortable, you'll often forget that it's there.
Shadow's premium design allows you to wear this all day while looking good. Simple, minimalistic design, beautifully crafted with tasteful accents goes with every style.
Noise Isolation
Multiple ear tip sizes allow you to get just the right fit for sealing the ear and isolating outside noise. Music sounds way better - when it's just the music.
Multi-Device Connectivity
Got a tablet or laptop? Switch between 2 Bluetooth devices so you can watch a video while staying connected to your phone. Compatible with Bluetooth on your Apple or Android devices.
Folds in your Pocket
Foldable neckband travels easily in your purse or pocket.