Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 Controller - GT Sport Edition

by Sony
The Dualshock 4 wireless controller offers a combination of revolutionary functions in a new intuitive design and precise control and defined as a completely new generation of the Gamings.
Ergonomic design
Discover the elegant, super-comfortable design and the optimised analogue stick and buttons for an accurate and precise game.
SHARE button
The Share button lets gameplay videos and screenshots from the game in social networks can be divided. You can stream live on Twitch, YouTube and Dailymotion or cut recorded game scenes and share this on Facebook and Twitter.
Light strip
The new light strip offers a charisma of various colours a personalised experience and a new dimension of the Game. In addition it makes it easier for the PlayStation camera to capture their position and thus an improved interaction with the virtual world of PlayStation VR.
Stereo headset connection
Enjoy the extra sound effects and communicate with your friends via headset.
Vibration Feedback
Thanks to the intuitive vibration motors and the trembling and shaking of the controller, you feel more involved in the action-packed games.
Remote play
Stream your games via the WLAN-network on your PC or Mac. The Times in which they were tied to the tv, are a thing of the past!
Individual setting
Your DUALSHOCK ® can be set by you as you like. You can vary with the volume level, the vibration and the brightness of the light bar, in order to save battery. You can also decide whether you via Bluetooth ® or USB cable with your PS4™ interact.