Story Content Tonie - How Hully Boo Got His Rattling Chain/Halloween at Palace Primary

On this Tonie you will find two great stories.
How can Hully Boo improve his haunting technique? And how will Heather Hex become an even better witch? With the help of Bartholomew the bat, their wise witch and ghost instructor, of course. And even if things go topsy-turvy sometimes, the two friends always have their hearts in the right place.
How Hully Boo got his rattling chain - Hully Boo is on his way home to Heather Hex and Bartholomew Bat when he suddenly thinks he has seen a one-eyed ghost. This ghost soon turns out to be little Archie and little Archie has a problem: he doesn't want to leave Castlehill, but unless his parents soon finish converting their farm into a B & B, they will be forced to sell out to greedy Danny Diamond. Hully Boo will not put up with this, and he and Heather Hex come up with a plan for hands-on help with the conversion. It's a helter-skelter plan full of surprises.
Halloween at Palace Primary - It's Halloween, and Olivia is upset because her big brother David and his friend Liam have been teasing her. Just as well that she happens to bump into Hully Boo the ghost and Heather Hex the witch - just when she can do with some help the most. With their assistance, Olivia manages to assert herself against her brother and his friend and every- thing is set for a fun Halloween. If it wasn't for sour Miss Curdsnwhey, that is. She doesn't believe in ghosts or witches - yet ...
Running time: approx. 60 minutes
Age recommendation: age 3+
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