Story Tonie - The Three ??? - Various

Justus, Bob and Peter can't believe their eyes: they have paid with counterfeit money. But where has the fake money come from? The tracks lead them right across Rocky Beach to Rondini circus, where they stumble on a vital clue. But seven hungry wolves are guarding a dark secret. 
DISCONTINUED Night Among Wolves Contents  - This Tonie has been or is soon to be discontinued so is therefore now a collectable and rare Tonie.
01 - Difficult job
02 - Floral magic
03 - Clear the ring
04 - House search
05 - Search for clues
06 - Temporary job
07 - Police operations
08 - Hide and seek
09 - Night among wolves
10 - Circus parade
11 - Wolf hunt 
Soccer-Tournament in Rocky Beach! But this is not about winning a trophy - Uncle Titus's junkyard is at stake. Justus, Peter and Bob's soccer team must win or lose the junkyard forever! The tournament soon turns into a real-life thriller because their opponents will fight to win by hook or by crook.
Soccer Mania Contents
01 - RBSC – Rocky Beach Soccer Club
02 - Fat boy Otto
03 - Arch-enemies
04 - Getting the team together
05 - Fence spectators
06 - Spying on the enemy
07 - The starting whistle
08 - The final
Running time: approx. 72 minutes
Age recommendation: age 6+
The game investor leads The Three ??? to a mysterious castle. But it won’t be easy for them to get their hands on the rich man’s inheritance. There are many tricky riddles to be solved and lots of dark corridors and gruesome dungeons to pass through. Is it for real or all just a game?
The Realm of Riddles Contents
01 - Guesswork
02 - Driving a Ferrari
03 - Difficult inheritance
04 - Castle ghosts
05 - Basement phantoms
06 - Mountain tour
07 - Checkmate
08 - Sun riddle 
Running time: approx. 76 minutes
Age recommendation: age 6+