Surefire Skirmish Gaming Headset

You need to be fast. You need to be agile. Whatever game you play, having the right kit counts. Built to last, easy to use, lightning fast - SureFire will have your back.
Hear every approaching enemy and every word. With stereo 2.0 sound, LED lighting, built-in microphone and edgy camouflage design, the SureFire Skirmish Gaming Headset is designed for the hardcore gamer.
High performance stereo 2.0 sound
Highly sensitive omnidirectional microphone
LED lighting
Flexible and adjustable microphone boom
Volume control and microphone mute on the ear cup
Lightweight, adjustable design with soft, comfy ear pads
For PC and console gaming
SureFire Skirmish Gaming Headset features 50mm headphone drivers, ensuring that your game audio will sound like the real thing, in high quality stereo 2.0
And being lightweight and durable, you'll whiz through long gaming sessions thanks to the super comfy foam ear cups.
Communicate with your teammates through the omnidirectional and fully flexible microphone. It picks up your voice with excellent clarity so you can work together and progress with your team. No miscommunication errors!
The SureFire Skirmish Gaming Headset is universally compatible so you can play games, listen to music and enjoy amazing sound on any platform – whether it is a games console, PC or laptop. The military-inspired print and LED illuminated sides and microphone light up your gaming experience.