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Meet the Toniebox - the new audio system for children. Turn it on, pop a Tonie on and simply let the audio adventure begin.

Small box great effects
An innovative new user interface
The Toniebox is so easy to use that even 2 year old toddlers can play around with the Toniebox immediately.

To start they need to place a Tonie or Creative Tonie on top on a LED-marked field. It immediately starts playing. Take it off, it stops playing. The Toniebox is smart enough to remember where you stopped. To turn the volume they press the ears, the little one for down and the big one for up. By tapping the sides you can switch tracks.

Toniebox helps you getting your child to bed
Did you know, that it takes on average 94 minutes for parents to get their children from getting them in their pajamas to falling asleep?

In times of Smartphones storytelling is still the preferred way to bring kids to sleep uncovered a survey by tonies. Listening with a child to a pre-recorded tale, provides a foundation for physical and emotional closeness. A good start for a good night’s sleep

A brilliant sound even at very low volume
That's why the engineers of the Toniebox paid high attention to the sound, also when used at very low volume during bed time. Toniebox has got a brilliant sound that makes fun at reasonable volume as well as very low volume. Toniebox allows parents to define a maximum volume via App.

This box gets started right away
Your Toniebox is ready when you are. Your audio content begins to play immediately, while all remaining content is simultaneously downloaded in the background.

Your perfect travel companion
With space for lots of stories that can be played even withot Wi-fi access and 7 hours of battery life, your toniebox is ready to tackle just about any journey with you.

Goes to sleep when you do
Once your bedtime story has finished, the Toniebox will automatically turn itself off and go to sleep as well. No need to interrupt the sweetest of dreams just to push a tedious little button ever again.

What's behind the brand?

So the question was this: in the era of smartphones and tablets, why do children still have to fiddle around with flimsy silver discs to listen to audiobooks and music? And on boring CD players which are actually anything but suitable for children?

That was when we had the idea that started it all: the term ‘audio player’ contains the word ‘play’ – but where’s the playful element in the established system? With all the recent developments in digital technology, there surely must be something we can do better. So we thought: let’s just invent it ourselves!

We are Patric Faßbender and Marcus Stahl. We came up with the idea for the Tonies and the Toniebox, and we founded our company Boxine GmbH to make sure it wouldn’t just stop at being a good idea and would instead become a fantastic reality. We’re both fathers, each with two children – in fact, we got to know each other through our children, who were at the same nursery. Simply meant to be!

The Brand

tonies was launched in 2016 by Patric Faßbender and Marcus Stahl. Since then, the Toniebox has replaced CD players or cassette recorders in many children's rooms. The soft cube has a digital core which is intuitive and easy to use: the audio starts as soon as the “Tonie” audio character, such as The Gruffalo or Zog, are placed to the top of the “Toniebox” magnetic pad. The Toniebox and Tonies are suitable for children as young as three. The audio system has been available in the UK and Ireland since late 2018, following launches in Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

The awards:

After just a few weeks, the Toniebox was awarded the Red Dot Award/Best of the Best

The German Design Award by the German Design Council

iF Design Award 2017, an International Forum Design prize.

Further awards followed:

LIMA Award 2017,

LIMA Award 2018,

German Founders Award 2019.

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