Triangular Magnetic Window Cleaner

Never struggle with cleaning your windows again!
A multi-use, triangular, magnetic window cleaner that is very useful when cleaning glass surfaces such as windows, shower screens, sliding doors, etc.
Its original and innovative, magnetic, double-sided design enables you to clean more easily and comfortably, thereby saving time and effort.
It has a grip handle which is easy to control, powerful magnets that provide a firm hold (3473 gauss) and a 2.5 metre safety, anti-drop cord. Suitable for double glazing of up to 24 mm.
It has 4 safety attachments for the reusable sponges and magnetic separator,  4 cleaning sponges (2 replacements) that are highly absorbent, washable and reusable.
The triangular shape enables it to rotate with greater flexibility and access all the corners and the most difficult areas giving a full, complete and effective clean.
This compact, resistant, lightweight and portable window cleaner is extremely versatile and adaptable. It can be taken apart easily for cleaning, it takes up very little space and is easy to transport and store.