Toniebox Bag Organiser

This storage bag is specially designed for Toniebox and accessories. It can hold your Toniebox, charging plug and about 30 Tonies figurines, so your accessories are organised and not scattered everywhere.
The inner part of the tote bag has 3 compartments attached with Velcro and can be disassembled freely.The space can be large or small, which is very convenient. Items are kept separate and organised.
Made of high quality felt with double stitching. Lightweight and durable, strong shock absorption and foldable for storage.
There are some holes on the outside of the bag. You can put them directly into the bag to listen to stories and songs without taking them out to better protect your Toniebox and Tonies figures.
This storage bag can not only be used to store your Toniebox, but can also be used as a travel bag and handbag when you go out. It is foldable for easy transportation, lightweight and durable, so children can take it with them to listen to music on the go.
Blue may differ slightly from image, handles are grey.