Verti Steam Pro

The vertical steam pro's press pad is specially designed to take up virtually no room and it's always ready when you are.
Simply hang it on the back of any door and you can vertically iron as soon as you open it! the secret to vertical steam pro's wrinkle removal is the powerful crease release technology. when you're vertically ironing, the specially designed steam ports disperse the powerful steam over a wider surface area and the gently warmed press plate eases out the tougher creases.
When you're steaming with your vertical steam Pro the steam ports release a blade of steam for getting the creases out of those difficult clothes without even touching them. But that's not all! with your bonus perfect finish lint remover and plump & refresh brush you can perfectly refresh your clothes and other fabrics around your house, too.
Save money and refresh your clothes yourself and go longer between those expensive visits to the dry cleaners, the plump & refresh brush can even plump up the fibres in your clothes, bringing them back to life!
What's included: vertical steam Pro, press pad, bonus perfect finish lint remover, bonus plump & refresh brush.
While using the streamer, In the initial period the pump will sound a little louder than in general use. The noise level will decrease as the steam flow continues. Powerful constant steam with 8 – 10 minutes of use with each fill of the 200ml water tank