Water Fitness Bag

A simple and effective way to stay in shape with multiple beneficial effects.
An original and versatile water bag for fitness ideal for exercising the whole body (core, legs, arms, etc.) practicing strength and balance exercises. 
Its innovative balancing system with live and adjustable weight (with indicators of kg according to the water level) allows a personalised integral training of greater intensity, adapting to your needs and preferences. 
Due to the movement of the water inside the bag, it is necessary to exert more force than with conventional weights to balance the movements when performing the exercises, working the muscles more actively and much more intensely. 
This heavy-duty, double-welded multi-position bag has 4 double orientation (vertical horizontal) polyester coated vinyl handles. 
Thanks to its inflatable, portable, compact and lightweight design, It is easy to transport and store, since once deflated, it folds to take up the minimum amount of space. 
In addition, it is very easy to use, it includes instructions for use and an exercise guide. It also includes a manual and foot inflator for easier inflation. 
Its maximum capacity is 25L and it has 2 valve caps for easy and safe filling and emptying. 
Includes a fitness guide.