Yoto Music Card - A New Kids Album

by Yoto
Fun, family-friendly tunes from certified music therapist, Jon Samson. Perfect for a living room dance party!
12 fun and inclusive tracks by music therapist, Jon Samson. Jon weaves musical therapy, mentorship and inspirational life lessons into each of his musical tracks, in a way that encourages emotional growth and development in every child while retaining the youthful titles and upbeat spirit in his beats. From ‘Show More Love’ to ‘Clean It Up’, Jon frames important lessons into tunes guaranteed to get the whole family bopping along.
1. Mocking Bird
2. Stomp Clap Tappa Tappa
3. Why Would You Take a Rocketship
4. Show More Love
5. Music is Like Oxygen
6. Why I Love the Seasons
7. Fruits or Vegetables
8. Humpy Together Again
9. Silence is all the Music I Need
10. Clean it Up
11. Imaginationology
12. I Don't Want to Say Goodbye

Jon Samson, MA MTBC is the first board certified music therapist in history to receive a Grammy, and the first native South African to win for Best Children's Album!
Jon resides in Brooklyn, NY and founded CoCreative Music in 2005 where he offers a unique combination of music therapy, audio and video production, artistic mentoring and life coaching to inspire "The Child Archetype" in all ages.
Running time: 38 minutes
Age Range - 0 - 8yrs
Language - English