Yoto Music Card - Joy in Your Pocket

by Yoto
Jump for joy and boogie away to this snazzy, jazzy album, inspired by the musical magic of the jazz age. 
Lucy Kalantari is a songwriter, composer and producer based in Brooklyn, New York, making jazz age inspired music for families. She has created this unique collection of her songs for Yoto, full of fun, movement and playfulness.
Track Listing:
1. Yoto Intro
2. Pockets Full of Joy
3. Bunny Hop
4. Fantastic
5. I Know A little Fellow
6. Lovely
7. Big Things
8. La Cosecha
9. My Neighbor
10. The Peace Song
11. Sounds of Summer
12. Our Garden
13. Ain't No Dog Like Mister
14. A Fresh Start
15. Travelin’ All Around
16. Wait and See
17. Balloon
18. Una Gran Familia
19. Yoto Outro
Running time: 46 minutes
Age Range - 0 - 8yrs
Language - English