Yoto Sound Effects Card - Things That Go

by Yoto
The sound effects card that taps into kids’ fixation with vehicles. Vroom vroom!
If you love watching the trains go by, this card is for you as it’s packed with all your favourite ‘things that go’!
Hear a jumbo jet take off, right overhead from your position at the end of the runway. Take a ride as a passenger on a speeding motorbike, make sure you hold on tight! Feel the buzz as a Formula 1 racing car speeds past at 200 miles per hour down the straight. In India, plant yourself in the centre of the busiest traffic junction in the city in your job as traffic controller, beep beep!
Track Listing:
1. Steam Train with Horn
2. Hot Air Balloon taking off
3. Jumbo Jet taking off from the end of the runway
4. Motorcycle Ride
5. Formula One racing cars whizz by
6. Traffic in Delhi, India
7. Tour de France bike race caravan passes by
8. Ferry approaches the quay
9. Rowing a Boat
Age Range - 0 - 5yrs
Language - English