Yoto Story Card - Christmas Treats

by Yoto
Over four hours of festive fun to be enjoyed by all with this much-loved collection of 29 Christmas tales from Enid Blyton. 
A collection of 29 of Enid Blyton's Christmas stories.

Visit Santa's workshop, hang up your stocking and help two naughty goblins make a Christmas pudding in this magical collection from the classic children's author. Stories include 'Mr Icy-Cold', 'The Christmas Party' and 'Rescuing Santa Claus'.

A wonderful selection to enjoy and share. Mystery and magic, laughter and mischief, the joy of shared times and plenty of delicious food - many of the ingredients which have been delighting Enid Blyton's audience for more than 70 years.
1. Santa's Workshop
2. Christmas at Last
3. The Christmas Pudding That Wouldn't Stop
4. The Wishing Glove
5. Mr Icy-Cold
6. The Fairies' Christmas Party
7. The Christmas Party
8. Pins and Needles
9. Mr. Loud-Voice Makes a Mistake
10. What's Happened to Michael
11. Mr Widdle's Christmas Stocking
12. Who Could It Be
13. The Battle in the Toyshop
14. Surprise on Christmas Morning
15. Rescuing Santa Claus
16. The Astonishing Christmas Tree
17. A Christmas Story
18. Do-As-You're-Told
19. Something in His Stocking
20. Mr Pink-Whistle and Santa Claus
21. On Christmas Night
22. The Great Big Snowman
23. Peter's Christmas Surprise
24. Bunny's First Christmas
25. The Best Christmas Tree of All
26. Wanted – a Royal Snow-Digger
27. The Pantomime Cat
28. The Three Strange Travellers
29. Mr. Twiddle and the Snow
Running time: 4 hours 41 minutes
Age Range - 5 - 12+yrs
Language - English