Yoto Story Card - My Monster & Me & Other Stories

by Yoto
A trio of heartfelt tales about the importance of self-worth, courage and kindness, written and narrated by BBC TV star Nadiya Hussain.
My Monster and Me: A heartfelt story that discusses worries and anxiety, encouraging us all to be kind.

A touching story about a little boy whose worry monster follows him everywhere he goes. It's there when he gets dressed, when he wants to play with his toys, and even when his friends come over to visit. How can he escape his worries?

Having suffered with panic disorder herself for as long as she can remember, Nadiya wrote this heartfelt story to help give children and parents the tools they need to talk about worries and anxiety, to ensure that no child suffers in silence.

Today I'm Strong: Inside every boy and girl is a brave tiger, and a very fierce friend. A beautiful story about inner strength.

I love to go to school. Well, most days I do. There are some days when what I really want is to stay at home with you.

A touching story about finding your inner strength, written by BBC TV star Nadiya Hussain.

Spreading My Wings: A compassionate story about finding the courage to be your true self.

I am a boy, and this is Rayf, my bird. Rayf is my friend.

On his first day of holiday camp, a little boy arrives with his bird best friend perched proudly on his shoulder, but he soon discovers that he is different from everyone else - no one else has a bird. He hides Rayf away to try and fit in but it's hard to pretend to be someone else for long.
Running Time - 15 minutes
Age Range - 3 - 5yrs