Yoto Story Card - Tales from the Greek Legends

by Yoto
The ever-popular KS2 topic comes to life in this captivating audio adventure that features the best-known heroes of the ancient world.
With the warm voice of actor Benjamin Soames, and musical accompaniment from greats like Holst and Wagner, this production of Tales from the Greek Legends is a treat for listeners of any age. Soames' gentle yet august voice guides listeners through the famous myths of Ancient Greece, beginning with the creation of the world and the origin of Zeus, on through the journeys and battles of some of the more well-loved heroes and demigods.
This audiobook is a great introduction to the stories of the ancient Greeks and features such classic tales as Jason and the Argonauts, Perseus and Medusa, and Hercules and Hydra.
Running time - 2hours 38mins
Age Range - 5 - 12+yrs
Language - English